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Acrylic & the Environment - Our acrylic suppliers technical specification

Developing a sustainable business for the future

Our products help to create a greener, brighter, stronger, more durable world, and our actions do too. Read on to discover how our products and processes enhance the world we live in.


A global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products, everyone here lives our company promise of going further in all that we do. We set ourselves the highest of standards from the efficiency of our operations and our safety, health and environmental performance to the positive contribution we make to our customers, colleagues and the industries and communities we serve.
Putting environmental, economic, social and cultural considerations at the heart of our strategic planning process, we’re passionate about continuous improvement, reducing our environmental footprint and leading the way in innovation and fresh thinking.


> Reduce energy and water consumption by 20%
> Reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 20%
> Reuse, recycle and achieve zero waste to landfill.

These commitments aren’t a trend, a fad or something brought about by new legislation. We’ve already come a very long way on our journey of sustainable development. Everybody here is working towards the same aim. And our improved efficiencies have benefited customers, colleagues and local communities, as well as our business and planet.

Our products, along with our processes offer environmental benefits


Passionate about continually reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in all that we do, our flagship products Perspex® and Lucite® offer great versatility and flexibility. Invented in the 1930s, the fundamental attributes of our acrylic sheet have made it the preferred material for many manufacturers, retailers, designers and architects.
Offering exceptional performance characteristics and world-renowned quality, applications range from corporate identity, signage, architectural fixtures and glazing to furniture and interior design. Available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, colours and effects, Perspex acrylic sheet is easy to shape, fabricate and form.


Offering durability, exceptional strength and design freedom, almost 50% of the world’s acrylic baths are made from Lucite sheet produced at our plants around the world. Warm to the touch, its unique features include lasting colour and superb surface finish and texture.