Clock Mechanism & Hands Kit


Superior Quality & Build, Super Sweep Extra Quiet Clock Mechanism & Hands Kit - Quartz Sweep (Non Ticking)

QUIET!! Quartz® Super Sweep (Quiet Non Ticking) Clock Movements. The second hand moves in a smooth continuous sweeping motion instead of one second steps and the case is sturdier, It does not tick and keep you awake. Supplied with all fittings, short spindle 8mm thick, selection of short or long hands. SHORT HANDS - Black 56mm plastic clock hands 56mm from centre of minute hand hole to tip of minute hand & Red second hand  LONG HANDS - Black 80mm plastic clock hands from centre of minute hand hole & red second hand 

Movement fixing instructions 
The brass thread is on the movement spindle which makes assembly of the clock very easy and provides protection to the plastic spindle. To make a clock simply drill an 8mm to 10mm hole in the dial. Place the rubber washer (supplied) over the movement spindle and push the spindle through the hole from the back of the dial Place the brass washer (supplied) over the spindle. (This covers any small chips or ragged edges around the hole Then just tighten the brass nut (supplied) on the thread until the movement is held firmly. Push the hour hand then the minute hand and then the second hand on to the spindle making sure they all point to the 12 Put in the battery (not supplied) and that’s it - your clock will start!


Instructions: place black rubber washer on spindle, then place the clock over the spindle, place the washer over the spindle, then the nut, tighten, then place the hour hand, then the min hand then the second hand last of all, make sure all the hands are on straight, make sure they are not bent, if the hands touch each other, the clock will not work, bend them straight so they are not touching. Lastly place the battery in the back (not supplied), make sure the top and bottom of the battery is touching the metal parts in the clock. Put the clock up on a nail, make sure its straight, dont let the clock rest on the white time dial movement at the back of the mechanism, this will stop your clock working. If you have any problems, please email us directly for help.